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A trading bonus is an added value that matches your deposit in your TradeXtra trading account and it provides you with more funds to use when you are trading.

Trading bonuses come in many forms; there are consistent deposit matches which means that your account will be given an added value when you deposit funds over and over again; and it also comes in the form of a one-time added value on your first deposit.

TradeXtra offers these bonus funds. When you fund your account, TradeXtra matches your first real money deposit by a certain percentage amount in accordance with your first deposit; for example:

If TradeXtra offers you a 50% deposit match of up to $10,000; it means that if you open a new real trading account and make a first deposit of $2,000, TradeXtra will instantly fund your account with an additional $1000 that will go straight to your trading balance, allowing you to trade with $3000 instead of the $2000 you initially deposited.

A trading bonus gives you great value and extra trading leverage.

With all of the above being mentioned; when you trade with bonus leverage you need to be cautious. It is truly appealing to trade with $15,000 when you actually made a deposit of only $10,000, but there is a downside. You may close higher trades and make more money initially (or in the long run), but you can also lose a lot more money. CFD trading can be risky and you need to trade with confidence and responsibility to avoid losses.

Trading bonus at TradeXtra

To help traders starting out CFD trading online, TradeXtra offers new depositing customers a trading bonus on their first deposit as well as redeposit bonuses. The sign-up bonus is meant to give new traders an extra boost to their trading balance so they can open their first positions using the bonus money TradeXtra gave them until they get the hang of trading in the CFD market and using the TradeXtra platform. There are several other types of trading bonuses offered by TradeXtra, so let's have a look at what those are and how you can get them.

Withdrawal bonuses:

Bonuses that are given by workers or via any auto promotion across the net are not allowed to be withdrawal if:

  1. the client did not deposit real money
  2. the client did not trade a minimum 40 times the bonus amount plus the deposit amount

For example: (deposit + bonus) * 40 times = withdrawal

TradeXtra reserve the rights to cancel withdrawal request or special offers if the trader abuses the TradeXtra trading system or open multiple accounts.


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