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TradeXtra offers its traders the ability to trade from among the world's leading stocks. Stocks are traded on exchanges around the world. For example, numerous stocks are traded on different stock exchanges such as the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and the LSE (London Stock Exchange). Stocks or shares represent the market value of large companies, which are widely traded. Customers can trade CFD stocks today on the TradeXtra trading platform.

Take note that CFD stocks are traded much the same way as other CFD. There is the Call and Put, expiry times, investment amount and more. CFD stocks are very popular among our client base. It is worth taking a look into what these CFD have to offer you.

Why trade stocks at TradeXtra?

Trade the world's leading stocks – you can choose from so many highly traded stocks during market trading hours at TradeXtra.

Profit in up or down markets – the big plus of CFD stock trading is that you can earn returns in both up and down markets.

Earn very high returns – the TradeXtra trading platform gives you the ability to earn returns as high as 85% with regular CFD.

0% Commissions – start trading your most favorite stocks with no commissions.

Buy and sell the same stock – you may buy and sell the same stock on the TradeXtra trading platform.

Top quality support – the TradeXtra support team is available to answer your questions round the clock.

Most Traded Stocks:

StocksTrading hoursExpiry Times
AppleHoursHourly, Daily, Weekly
MicrosoftHoursHourly, Daily, Weekly
Coca ColaHoursHourly, Daily, Weekly
IBMHoursHourly, Daily, Weekly


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