Indices Trading

Trade the top indices on the TradeXtra trading platform. Index CFD are an up and coming favorite among our client base. Familiar index names include the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Dax 30 and Ftse 100. Each developed or developing country has indices. These indices represent the overall market behavior of a select number of stocks in a particular industry of a specific country. We make the life of our traders simple by incorporating the world's most traded indices all on a single trading platform.

The great aspect of these indices is that they give you the chance to enjoy flexibility while you trade CFD. Remember to add your preferred expiry time to the index of your choice. The exciting reality is that you can trade index CFD and commodities CFD simultaneously on the TradeXtra trading platform.

Why trade indices at TradeXtra?

Trade the main indices – TradeXtra offers you access to the main indices on our trading platform, providing the broadest range of choices.

Competitive pricing – the purchase price of each index is competitive due to the feeds we receive from the top liquidity providers.

Trade 24 hours a day – the ability to trade world indices 24 hours a day is something our customers highly value.

Commission free trading – TradeXtra provides you with commission free trading throughout the time you trade with us.

Senior broker – a senior broker will be assigned to new customers once they open a CFD trading account with TradeXtra.

Most traded indices:

IndicesTrading HoursExpiry Times
FTSE 100HoursHourly, daily, weekly
DAX 30HoursHourly, daily, weekly
CAC 40HoursHourly, daily, weekly


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