How to start trading?

1. Register with TradeXtra

Start making profit

Registering with TradeXtra is a very simple process. Upon clicking the register button below, you will be redirected to a form where you will be obliged to fill in details, including name, email address and phone number. Once you have filled in all of these details, please click on the verification button on the bottom of the form.

* please note: your information is kept confidential at all times.

2. Deposit funds

Deposit funds onto your account

Please deposit funds into your trading account to start trading on the TradeXtra trading platform. Funds may be deposited into your account in a number of ways such as credit card and wire transfer. Deposits may be made in USD, EUR or GBP.

3. Start trading

4. Wait for the expiry

Go to the "Open Positions Tab" on the right side of your page to follow your open trade via a graph until it expires. You have the benefit of knowing whether your trade is in the money or out of the money throughout your CFD's lifetime. Please check on the top right hand corner of the page for the results.


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