Getting Started

Getting Started

TradeXtra offers you the ability to access a wide range of products via its trading platform.

You can make real time trading decisions with the constant support of a personal broker upon opening an account with us. The ability to trade more than 120 underlying assets across multiple markets will make your trading experience highly enjoyable.

Please take a look below to view the trading platforms we offer:

TradeXtra trading platforms

1. Binary Options

You can start trading dozens of assets on the binary options trading platform from the drop down menu. Choose your preferred expiry time.

If you believe the asset will expire above the current price at the time of expiry, pick a Call option. Select Put if you feel the asset will expire lower than the strike price.

You can follow your trade via a graph on the screen. All you need to do is watch and learn throughout the trading process.

2. Option Builder

The Option Builder platform is ideal for traders who want to personalize their trading style.

This platform is quite popular with traders who have experience with the binary options market. You may choose your own asset, expiry time, risk/reward ratio and how much you want to invest.

Trading steps

1) Select asset
2) Pick expiry time
3) Pick risk level
4) Pick call* or put**
5) Enter investment amount
6) Click apply
Call – if you forecast your trade to expire higher than the strike price.
Put – if you forecast your trade to expire lower than the strike price.

3. One Touch

The one touch trading platform is very unique, allowing binary options traders to make money outside regular trading hours.

Returns can be as high as 500%, depending on the time the trade is placed. traders select a predefined asset and have to confirm that The trade will exceed a specific price by a certain time in the future.

This platform is chosen by traders who are looking to make extremely high returns. if you are one of these traders, then give one touch Options a try.

4. Sixty Seconds

The 60 seconds trading platform is the easiest and fastest way to gain up to 81% in single 60 second trade. all you need to do is pick an Asset, chose the amount you want to invest form the fix list of $5-$100, chose call or put and the 60 second countdown begins. After you place your trade a tool bar will appear witch will show you the status of your trade.

From the Sixty Seconds menu you can also select an expiry time of 30 Seconds (the shortest expiry on the market) or 120 Seconds.


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