Currency Trading

TradeXtra is delighted to offer its traders the ability to trade the world's top currency pairs. Currency trading is highly popular on our trading platform, especially as the Forex market is the world's biggest market. The trading process is simple: the first currency in the pairs is the Base Currency and the second currency in the pair is the Counter Currency. Therefore, with currency trading, currencies are trading against each other.

Please note that these types of CFD are best known to be Forex CFD, as Forex is a term that traders use for currency trading. TradeXtra lets you buy or sell your favorite currency pair such as the EUR/USD pair. This increases flexibility when a profit making opportunity arises. You may also choose from a wide selection of expiry times on the TradeXtra trading platform. For example: 1 Hour, 1 Day, and 1 Week expiry times.

Why Trade Currencies at TradeXtra?

No Experience necessary - You may trade CFD without the need of prior trading experience.

Trade over 30 currency crosses - The ability to trade from dozens of currency crosses enables maximum flexibility.

Trade 24/7 - TradeXtra allows you to trade 7 days a week with CFD.

No Commissions - Trade your favorite currency pairs without trading commissions.
Best Price Feeds - Trade CFD with the best price feeds at all times.

Personal Broker - You will receive a personal broker upon sign-up of a live account, which you will find to be huge help while trading CFD.

Most Traded Currency Pairs:

Currency PairsTrading HoursExpiry Times
EUR/USDHoursHourly, Daily, Weekly
GBP/USDHoursHourly, Daily, Weekly
USD/CHFHoursHourly, Daily, Weekly
USD/JPYHoursHourly, Daily, Weekly


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