Commodity Trading

The TradeXtra team is delighted to bring commodities trading to our clients via our trading platform. Commodities CFD are highly popular on the TradeXtra trading platform. We consider it a top priority to provide you with the leading commodities on a daily basis. You can trade from gold, silver, crude oil and more during trading hours. Therefore, you have a maximum amount of trading opportunities while trading the financial markets.

There are a number of different types of commodities from which to trade. These include precious metals, energies and soft commodities. Precious metals refer to gold and silver. Energies refer to crude oil and natural gas. Sugar and coffee are what is meant by soft commodities. You may trade each of these commodities on the TradeXtra trading platform according to your preferences.

Why trade commodities at TradeXtra?

Great choice of commodities – trade from different commodities: precious metals (gold and silver), energies (crude oil) and soft commodities (coffee and corn).

Earn profit in different markets – benefit from earning high profits in either an up or down market.

No commissions – your CFD trading begins now with the luxury of no commissions.

Ability to earn high returns – earn high returns on the TradeXtra trading platform if your trade expires in the money.

Private broker – enjoy your CFD trading experience at TradeXtra with a complimentary private broker.

Most Traded Commodities:

CommoditiesTrading hoursExpiry times
GoldHoursHourly, daily, weekly
SilverHoursHourly, daily, weekly
Crude OilHoursHourly, daily, weekly
CottonHoursHourly, daily, weekly


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